Strategy is what we do

We can help you build the big picture, the strategy;
we can help you fill in the detail to make it happen, and to keep your gaze fixed firmly on the main objectives, on your relentless way to the main goal, regardless of the circumstances, distractions and other stuff.
But we do the detail stuff too.

Strategic planning, project planning, operations, finance & investment, logistics, human resources, property management.
How you can use us.

For nearly thirty years now we have been providing consultancy services on an hourly basis. But that eats up our time and your money. We can still do that if you want us to. The organisations that get the best value for money are those that appoint us to their boards.

Meet the team

You get the benefit of our expertise and experience for the price of a director's or trustee'e fee.

Next best are those that hire us to work alongside the CEO and senior management when needed in an advisory role paid by annual retainer or by the hour.
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